Hello and welcome to Gamequest, the search for great games.  I will be reviewing various card games and boardgames with a focus on mostly Euro-games with the occasional wargame and videogame thrown in for good measure.  I welcome your comments and questions!

About me:  My name is Jonathan Benton.  I am an English professor, married with two children (ages 9 and 4), so I’m always on the lookout for good family games.  I have done some freelance editing with TriKing games (makers of Anachronism) and playtesting with FFG and TriKing.   If you are a game company and looking for editors or playtesters, I am available.

Ratings Info

I will be going back and reviewing some old favorites from time to time, along with the newer games that I am constantly adding to my collection.  The Rules Summary section is not intended to be an exhaustive examination of every minor detail, but rather a concise attempt to give a feel for how the game plays.

My overall rating is not an average score from the other categories.  For the purposes of my ten point scale, you can reference the following (also includes some games which I would include in that range for purposes of examples):

10 – Not necessarily a perfect game, but a game which gives me a perfect experience.  A game in this group appeals to me on every level.  (Torres, A Game of Thrones: The Boardgame, Dungeon Twister)

8-9 – Games in this range of scores stand out for not only their robust gameplay, but also excellence of mechanics and/or fun-factor.  (Samurai, Princes of Florence, Puerto Rico,  and Ticket to Ride are games I would consider 9s.  No Thanks, For Sale,  and Battlestar Galactica are 8s for me.)

7 – I consider a 7 to be a solid game, one which I will usually be willing to play and enjoy very much.  Typically, these games will be lighter fare, but no less fun for it (and sometimes moreso).   (Bang!, Bohnanza, Wyatt Earp)

6 – I would consider a 6 to be a game that may have a lot of weaknesses or be very simplistic, but it has one or more redeeming qualities which may lend itself to seeing playtime at my table.  Several kids’ games would fit this bill, as I may not think the game is great, but it works with my 4 year old.  (Hisss, Rattlesnake, King Me!) 

5 – A game that is good but not necessarily great in any aspect.  Has nothing to recommend it over other, similar games. 

Below 5 – Abysmal.  Can’t imagine ever playing this more than once.

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