Thoughts on Top 10 Lists – Or How my Top 10 Favorites Got Halved

October 11, 2010

Some friends were over playing Thrones last night (LCG) and we tossed in a couple of games of Castle Ravenloft there at the end.  We started talking about our favorite games shortly thereafter.  One of them questioned why Game of Thrones the card game wasn’t in my top 10 list, which I thought was a very good question.

Recently, I pared down my top 10 favorite games (here at least, haven’t updated the Geek yet) to top 5.  It is a very difficult thing to quantify.   I found that there was  a large traffic jam after the first 3-4 slots, a bunch of games I very much enjoy, but no clear standouts from the rest of the pack in that second tier after the first few.

I know one thing – Descent is the most complete game experience for me, recalling the same feelings I had growing up playing Shogun and Axis and Allies.  This may be an odd comparison for some, but the level of strategy and tactics, combined with its setting and components, are spot on, for me.  I know the game isn’t perfect, of course.  But what an experience, unlike any other.

Dominion has risen for me to number 2, which is probably no surprise given my love of  and history with CCGs.   After Descent and Dominion, the number of hours I’ve put into any one game aside from Chess and CCGs drops off considerably.  But I still think of Dominion as a “board game,” separate from my current CCG I’m playing competitively.

Game of Thrones LCG is certainly one of the best games I’ve ever played.  But considering the amount of time I put into Thrones, thinking about it, preparing for tournaments, etc.,  it’s almost unfair to compare it to board games which I play occasionally for fun, even something I play as often as Dominion.

Either way, maybe Game of Thrones LCG should go in my top 5.  It is very much deserving.


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