October 1, 2010

Yeah, it’s been a while.  I have been playing games, though, and lots of them.  I am hoping to get back to posting here regularly, however.  Lots of my time has been spent working with FFG in various capacities with their LCG of A Game of Thrones, including designing my own card for winning the 2009 Melee World Championship. 

I also worked on some beginner decklists and the write-ups for the inserts on the new house expansions for the game:

FFG recently announced their upcoming cooperative LCG based on Lord of the Rings, and I’ve been playtesting that as well, which has been a blast. 

So it’s been a busy year, but we still work in a board game here and there. Lots of exciting stuff that I’m wanting to review or discuss, including Summoner Wars, Dungeonquest,  Arcana, Glory to Rome, Tobago, gaming with a 6-year-old, designing my own game with a friend, and much more.  We’ll see if I can’t be a little more timely in the future…


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